About our VolunteersInspiration from our 2015 volunteers

Relebohile Pherane

Relebohile Pherane, 22 years old, Atlantis

Relebohile had just graduated from university and was looking for something to do. “I applied because I wanted to give back and be a responsible citizen for a change. My plan had been to take a break from studying but I wanted to do something other than just chilling at home.”

Relebohile says he was “both excited and nervous, but really looking forward to meeting everyone.” He says the volunteering was fun, he really enjoyed working with the learners and getting to know them better.

“Overall I enjoyed the journey of self discovery. I became more aware of my strengths and weaknesses. Through volunteering I have learned a lot and grown as well. I have learned to work with different people who possess different characteristics. I have also learned that I am a people’s person and I work well under pressure. I have learned to appreciate people for who they are and accommodate them.”

Relebohile plans to do his PGCE and maybe teach abroad for a couple of years and then come back to SA. He says he would also “like to give back more in the future, eg. time, donations etc. Through this programme I have learned the importance of giving back.”

His advice to prospective volunteers is:

“They should be ready and willing to learn and also have fun.”

Relebohile’s final comment about Year Beyond:

“This year has been a great learning experience and has been one of my best years. I met some incredible young leaders.”