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Mqondisi Magcaba

Mqondisi Magcaba, 25 years old from Durban, staying in Delft

Mqondisi was studying towards a BSc in Maths and Stats at UWC. He decided to take a gap year for a number of reasons but mainly because “I wanted to help learners who are struggling, especially in maths.”

Mqondisi says “I didn’t know what to expect. I was excited and scared at the same time.” Mqondisi was lucky enough to experience tutoring in two schools. “I enjoyed working in both schools (I D Mkize in Gugulethu and Leiden High in Delft). Working in two schools with two teams helped me understand team dynamics and the different vibes in each school.”

The highlight of the self-development course “was learning how to meditate and find personal peace in the midst of trouble or a busy day. Also that you can, from time to time, evaluate how far you are from living up to your values. I also learned that it is possible to work with different people holding different values as long as you are one in purpose.”

Volunteering has taught Mqondisi that “if you want things to happen you need more hands working than more mouths talking.”

Mqondisi plans to finish his degree and go into maths education research. “Year Beyond has re-emphasised to me that maths education is dear to my heart. Since different people understand differently we have to look for ways of creating an inclusive learning environment.”

Mqondisi’s advice to those thinking of joining Year Beyond:

"It’s an awesome programme, join it. Take advantage of any self-development activities. Have fun with learners. There is so much adventure in store for you and a lot of new things to learn… This was a one year programme but the lessons learned are way Beyond.”