About our VolunteersInspiration from our 2015 volunteers

Andrea George

Andrea George, 24 years old from Rondebosch East

Andrea joined Year Beyond because she wanted to take a break from her studies as she felt that she was not doing the right degree. At first she felt nervous and did not know what to expect. Andrea was placed at Phoenix Secondary in Manenberg. Initially she was really scared to be working at a high school, but as she says, “I met some of the most amazing children ever. I love the school, it was a great environment to work in. We received great support.”

The self-development work helped her get to learn new things about herself and get to know herself on another level. Despite being a shy person, Andrea discovered that she is stronger than she thought and that she has leadership qualities. She learnt a lot about team dynamics which “ really changed my view of working in a team.” She discovered the benefits of relying on team mates and says “I know this is a very useful tool that will definitely help me in the working world.”

Andrea feels that volunteering has taught her “how to be flexible, that there are so many different types of people and that we are all connected. It has shown me the injustice in our country and what I take for granted. It taught me to be understanding, patient and compassionate. Also that there is space in this world for me to make a difference in at least one person’s life.”

In future Andrea has “figured out that I want to be a teacher in a government school. Without going through this year it would probably have taken me longer to figure this out.”

Andrea’s advice to others thinking about joining Year Beyond:

“Do it. It’s probably the most enriching thing you could do in your early adult life.”

Her biggest lesson from this year:

“Life is really unfair but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.”